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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Paeng Janjalani

I unearthed this lovely photo of myself en route to Camotes Islands from Danao, Cebu. There wasn't much to do but try not to be affected by the acrid fumes rising up from the floor of the boat, where it seemed like half of the passengers had yakked in a Goonies-style chain reaction. After I mastered my gut, it was time to play camera-whore, although I think that in the standard usage of the term, you take more flattering pictures than this one. For the uninitiated, Paeng is a Pinoy nickname for Raphael, and Janjalani is the name of a notorious Abu Sayyaf guerrilla who was killed in 2006. Basilan ain't ready for this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, it looks like botox job gone scarily wrong, with a free white head towel from The Printing House on Hudson Street thrown in for free. Damn those vomit fumes...

12:27 PM  

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