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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crispanatic Delight #2

The second installment in my project to scan an entire Crispa yearbook and share it with the Net. Here, the Redmanizers are seen celebrating a conference championship. Early indications, which we'll discuss in subsequent posts, lead me to believe it could be the first conference title of 1977. Would any of my readers with deeper Philippine basketball roots care to give a full roster of the players, coaches, managers and other personalities in this photo? I see Danny Floro, Philip Cezar, Freddie Hubalde, Atoy Co, Tito Varela (kalbo!) and a few other recognizable faces, but I also see some faces I don't know. Educate me! I have lugaw on the stove. Gotta go check it.


Blogger carlo said...

Hey Rafe,

While I don't really know each of them in the pic (started watching in 1996 instead), looking at my PBA 1977-1978 PBA Annual (one of my prized possessions), Crispa has these players (for 1978):

Rudy Soriano
Atoy Co
Freddie Hubalde
Abet Guidaben
Gergorio "Joy" Dionisio
Bernie Fabiosa
Tito Varela
Rey Pages
Reynaldo Franco
Mando Torres
Paul Mills (1978)
Ansley Truitt (1978)
Philip Cezar (no stats in 1977?)
Virgilio "Bong" dela Cruz (no stats in 1977?)
Jimmy Javier (1978 rookie)
Willie Tanduyan (1978)
Bogs Adornado (DNP 1977)

Some players in 1977:
Cris Calilan
David Cezar
Cyrus Mann
Ricky Hicks

Hope this helps.

5:10 PM  
Blogger jaemark said...

you missed guidaben in the photo. and you interviewed him! hehe

5:10 PM  
Blogger View From The Press Room said...

Jaemark, Guidaben is at the left corner of the photo

5:14 PM  
Blogger jaemark said...

yeah, i said rafe missed him

5:18 PM  
Blogger RafeBoogs said...

@carlo. Thanks a lot. I have a few photocopied PBA annuals from the early 1990s, so I know how you feel. Any document that praises Jolas's "sexy legs" is worthy of the time capsule.
@Jaemark: Do I smell a FireBartolome spin-off coming? Hehe. I thought that was Guidaben, but he looks different here from the 1983 Guidaben whose image is fresher in my mind, since I've been reading so many Billy Ray Bates xeroxes lately. Anyway, better to wait for confirmation from the online masses than to jump the gun with a little uncertainty.

5:36 PM  
Blogger View From The Press Room said...

Just to add a few interesting notes, the 1977 season marked the Crispa Redmanizers' amazing streak of six straight championships. It was also that year that Crispa and Toyota players had a free-for-all in the opening game of the season. They were detained at Camp Crame two days after by then Metrocom chief Prospero Olivas.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Guidaben alright. Bernie Fabiosa, left side behind Tito Varela.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Standing: Baby Dalupan (coach), Abet Guidaben, Danny Floro (Manager), Cris Calilan, ?, Rudy Soriano (w/ Headband), Philip Cezar, Mandy Torres, Rey Pages, Freddie Hubalde, Rey Franco, ? ?
Seating: Joy Dionisio, Tito Varela, Bernie Fabiosa, David Cezar, Atoy Co

1:54 AM  
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